„Good App!!! I found it simple to use.“ Lee Davies


“It works very well and great for free ” Fyvdgjvgg


... is destined to be a very popular service indeed.” Tim Brookes

Yet another navigation system?

CheckMyTour does not replace navigation systems. CheckMyTour is a data recorder, very much like a black box, which tracks your route, the weather and all your activities while on tour. Suggestions for nice tours can also be fetched from the CheckMyTour portal and loaded on your GPS-based navigation system. Even on the iPhone, numerous apps exist which may even be used in combination with CheckMyTour.

No smartphone (yet)?

The CheckMyTour portal also allows to upload GPS-based tour data from other sources, such as navigation systems or other GPS data recorders, or even to create a tour manually and connect it with your photos, recommendations and comments in a Tour Book which can then be published to the portal. All community features can also be used on a PC without a smartphone.

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