By means of GPS, the CheckMyTour App allows you to track the route of your trip automatically, to keep track of your activities, comments, photos and to provide all the information in a personalized Tour Book which may be uploaded to the online portal. When you agree, your current position, your track and your activities while on tour are being posted to the CheckMyTour portal as well as to Facebook and Twitter.

Start a Tour

To start a new tour, you may assign a name, select the proper category and enable or disable auto-tracking by means of GPS.

Next, you will see your current position which, accompanied with an optional comment, will be set as the starting point of the tour. If address and weather data is available, they will be displayed, too. By toggling the Twitter and Facebook buttons, you may decide whether your tour start will be shared with followers and friends. By taping on „Start Tour“ you then activate GPS tracking.

Show Your Current Location

On the map, you will see your current location as well as address and weather data if available. Via „Save Waypoint“ you set a marker on your tour allowing you to keep track of a special event of location. Via „Check In“ so-called POIs will be fetched from various location-based services to which you may check in afterwards.

From different sources, such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Qype and Wikipedia, information on interesting places, so-called POIs, will be fetched. You may check in to these POIs thus setting a corresponding marker on your tour map. This will help you later to recall what was so special about this place.


By flipping your iPhone on the side, you may display all nearby POIs in a map.

Add Photos

Here you may add a photo to your trip, either by using your built-in camera or by selecting rom your photo library. The photo will be added to your Tour Book and associated with your current location.

Add Comments

If you want to comment on your current location or just keep a short note, this will be addd to your Tour Book and associated with your current location.

Share Your Location

Here you will see your current location on a map including address and weather data if available. By toggling the respective buttons, you may decide whether you want to share your location and tell them via Email, Twitter or Facebook. Taping on „Share“ finally submits the post.

Track of a Tour

On a map, you will see the route, or track, of your tour. This may be the current tour or any tour you loaded from the archive. Markup along the route indicate your activities; by means of the player buttons you may navigate along the route.

Tour Book of a Tour

Ordered in chronological manner, this list displays all activities of a tour which may be the current tour or any tour you loaded from the archive. By selecting a particular entry, more details will be displayed, such as the particular position or the comment you posted.

Statistics of a Tour

This page summarizes some key facts of a tour which may be the current tour or any tour you loaded from the archive.


In the Settings, you may configure how the app should work by default, e.g. which social networks to connect to, which metrics to use etc.

This screen provides further information as well as a link to the CheckMyTour portal. Moreover, you may rate the app and recommend to friends.

If you want to make use of 3rd party services, you can configure here which to use and provide account data. If, for example, you want checkins on tour to be forwarded to Gowalla or Foursquare, then you have to provide your personal Gowalla and Foursquare accounts, respectively, here.


The Archive contains all tours you recorded earlier. By opening any of these tours, you may view the route on a map, the Tour Book and some key statistics. The icon indicates the category of a tour with green showing a successful upload to the CheckMyTour portal while red ones still need to be uploaded. Taping on „Edit“ allows you to either delete or upload tours from the archive. When you decide to delete, the corresponding tour will be deleted locally from your smartphone while the CheckMyTour portal is not affected.

Menu Items on the Main Screen

Starts a new tour. If a tour is already active, this button is replaced with the one for ending a tour.

Finish a tour. If no tour is currently active, this button is replaced with the one for starting a new tour.

Pause a tour which will be resumed later on. If the active tour is already paused, this button is replaced with the one for resuming the tour.

Resume a tour which has been paused before. This button is only available when the current tour has been paused and replaced with the button for pausing a tour otherwise.

Online.PortalShows the current position on a specific screen allowing for waypoint markers and checkins.

Allows adding a photo associated with the current position on tour.

Allows adding a comment associated with the current position on tour.

Allows sharing the current location via social networks.

Shows a map with the route of the current tour.

Shows the Tour Book, a list of activities of the current tour.

Opens the CheckMyTour community portal in the mobile browser.

Shows key statistics of the current tour, such as start and end, distance and speed.

Opens the Settings screen to configure various parameters as well as account information for external services.

Shows the Tour Book Archive, a list of tours recorded so far.

Opens the detailed online help in the mobile browser.

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