News 2014

Quick Start, you may now start riding right away without waiting for the app to find GPS signals etc.

If you want to track your tour but have concerns sharing your exact home location, the use the
Hide Home Location feature which will hide the exact departure and arrival address.

As requested by many of you, we now determine automagically when you paused on tour or started riding again after a coffee break.

CheckMyTour now integrates with
Yelp replacing former Qype.

On iOS6 and iOS7 the app now makes direct use of the native integration with Twitter and Facebook.

The CheckMyTour portal has been greatly enhanced to support access from mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets.

Also, the app was released for the Windows Phone platform.

After uploading a tour, you may now send the track data via email as GPX/KML.
Added more categories as demanded by many users.

Quick Start
If you are in a hurry, you may now start tracking directly from the main menu. The app will apply default settings and you may start riding right away without having to wait for a proper GPS signal etc.

Hide Home Location

You want to track your route and share with others but have some concerns sharing your exact home address? Then you will like this new function which ensures the exact location of your departure and arrival location remain private.

Auto-Pause and Auto-Resume
Had a quick coffee and forgot to pause the app? Or even worse started riding again and didn’t resume? Well, happened to us also. As we don’t like losing the entire track of a fantastic ride, we now determine automagically when you stopped – and insert an Auto Pause then. Likewise, when you start moving again after a pause, the app will re-start tracking. You will see short notification telling you when the app decided accordingly.

Yelp Replaces Qype
Now that Yelp has taken over Qype, we have integrated this platform for finding and recommending local businesses.

Twitter and Facebook Integration
For devices running iOS6 or iOS7 we now utilize the native integration of the OS with Facebook und Twitter to simplify social networking.

Mobile Access to the CheckMyTour Portal
We massively extended and reworked the CheckMyTour portal such that all functions can now be accessed conveniently from mobile devices, be it iPhones, Android phones, tablets or other smartphones. Poking around in the portal is now much more fun than ever before!

Windows Phone App
Now that Windows Phone is gaining more traction as an additional platform to Android and iOS, we also released CheckMyTour for fans of Windows Phone. The app offers the exact same functionality as for the other platforms and can be downloaded via the Windows Phone Store.

Emails after Tour Upload
Many of you have asked us for this: after uploading a tour you may now email more information about it, such as the track data as GPX (or KML???), e.g. when you want to use that data in other tools.

More Categories
Also as requested by many of you we have added 3 more categories for inline skating, horse riding and scooters.