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Motorcycle Road Warrior Association

The Motorcycle Road Warrior Association is an organization made up of fellow long distance riders and run by a volunteer staff dedicated to the recognition, promotion and support of its members and fellow long distance riders. This Motorcycle Road Warrior Association - MotoRWA is dedicated to those motorcyclists who are Real Riders and true road warriors whose passion is that of an ORB Open Road Biker. The onetime fee for lifetime membership is only ten dollars but it must be earned! The Motorcycle Road Warrior Association has one simple purpose and charter which is to officially recognize award and certify motorcycle travel accomplishments for Real Riders. You have done the ride now show your pride! There is a minimum set of ride requirements to be eligible for membership but the Motorcycle Road Warrior Association also has elevated membership status based on travel accomplishments.
Ride often Ride Long Ride SAFE!

Drive Safely! Always keep the shiny side up!

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